About Us

We are an IT company located in Tokyo, Japan. Our office is just a few minutes from the famous tech district, the “heaven of technology”, Akihabara. 

We want to create new and innovative products, serving the needs of a new era, where the internet is everywhere, connecting millions of people and devices all around the world. 

The internet has become a necessity, it is like the air for technology, what keeps our devices, services, “things” alive and connected, forming a new kind of ecosystem around us.  

Our aim is to create products and services which are smoothly and flawlessly supporting your needs as a part of that ecosystem.

Making your life easier and more convenient than ever, so you can focus on the things really matter to you.  


We are passionate about changing the way how English is being taught in Japan. English is the common language, which connects the world and moves the aforementioned ecosystem. Therefore, we believe it's unavoidable for Japan to pick up the rhythm of the international community and improve its English standards. 


In order to do our little part in that great effort, we made some free to download English learning applications. Check them out! 

English Monsters 



​English Daily News

Corporate Profile


Corporate Name

Sola K.K



November 11, 2008



13,100,000 yen



[Head Office]
6-14-3, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0021, Japan


2F Takai
2-13-6, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0021, Japan


[Kobe Office]
22F Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
Goko Dori, Kobe, Chuo-ku, Hyogo
651-0087, Japan



TEL : +81-3-6860-8482
FAX : +81-50-3737-0605
E-Mail : contact@sola-air.com


Corporate Officer

CEO : Keisuke Yoshimura
Director : Sho Murata


49 (as of April 1, 2017)



1. IT infrastructure and system development
2. Application development
3. IT Consulting
4. Trade of commodities related to IT infrastructure and systems



March 2016
IISO 9001(Quality management systems) and ISO 27001(Information security management systems) certified.

[Certification range]
1. IT infrastructure and system development 
2. IT consulting

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