Monoca is an easy to use application made by Sola, that manages the things you already own and things you want to own.


You can add almost any kind of item you wish.

With Monoca it`s just a few taps to manage and categorize all the items you own, maintain your collections, control your inventory or just to do simple tasks like everyday shopping.  Create a list of items you want, keep yourself organized and avoid any unnecessary purchases. 


Monoca has a simple, clear interface what makes managing your items a joy. Customize the application as you like, as it fits you and your purposes the best.

Monoca will make your daily life more convenient and comfortable.


Monoca can help you not only to manage your everyday tasks but also support you in learning English! Organize the English books you own, the movies you want to watch, collect websites and materials to do better on an exam, prepare a list of necessary items before going abroad or just sort your souvenirs from let's say... London!


Give it a try! 



It's completely free.




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